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Induction Heating System

We offer Optional Accessories and Facilities including Pyrometer Temperature Sensor, Tractor Pushing Assembling, PLC & HMI Based Control Systems etc. These are temperature estimation instruments that work on the rule of infrared radiation, i.e. they recognize infrared radiation of items to focus the temperature.

With an immense pyrometer item portfolio created from years of examination and client contact, we give answers for about every application demand. Unique arrangements that are not recorded beneath can likewise be immediately adjusted to client or application particular particulars.

If you don't mind select in the proper sub menu of the pyrometer arrangement to get additional data for every item or application.

The Pyrometer Digital 250-Contact computerized thermometer is a rough versatile simple to peruse thermocouple pyrometer that uses tradable, reusable thermocouple tips on contact temperature estimation applications.


  • These are low cost, light-duty digital accessories
  • These are made up with durable plastic with shock resistant rubber boot
  • The pyrometer uses interchangeable, reusable thermocouple tips.

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